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Paul Revere Silver Bowl

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Paul Revere was a famous American patriot  and silversmith who was known for amongst many things, fine silver bowls.  After he joined the revolution against the French at Crown Point, he went back to his silver shop and continued with his craft. He was one of the few craftsmen who could complete a piece of silver in a short span of time. He was also an expert smith and skilled engraver. Today, many museums have kept examples of his masterpieces and works of art for visitors to see. Some of his more known works are the lovely tea and coffee pots with attractive engravings of festoons and swags plus the finials which were delicately wrought, sometimes in the form of a pineapple.

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During his time, a lot of the silversmiths were using the china pieces as models. In addition, the tall Liverpool pitcher was in demand at that time and that was why Revere copied it and produced his own version of water pitchers. Some were plain while others were beautifully engraved. The Chinese Export Ware was then in fashion and Revere imitated the small, stylistic helmet pitcher in silver.

The original and genuine item which was engraved with the names of the Sons of Liberty is available at Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Revere was commissioned then by the 15 members of the Sons of Liberty to design a gift to the House of Representatives as a token. That was the starting point for Paul Revere silver bowl. He made bowls in different sizes where a few have historical inscriptions making it very valuable these days. A Paul Revere silver bowl was made up of non-tarnishing pewter with a brilliant polished finish.

Revere proved that he was a real craftsman by the simple fact that he made perfect bowls. He was identified as a master of subtlety. His pieces described himself: simple yet reserved. Perhaps that was the secret of the bowls’ popularity even up to this time.

The Paul Revere silver bowl or otherwise called a Revere bowl will always be a cherished gift. One of the finest examples of these wonderful pieces are the Paul Revere Gorham Silver bowl collection. It is also a wonderful treasure to collect, whether as a hobby or as an investment. Many collectors and enthusiasts will surely love these timeless collectibles. All of these silver bowls were exquisitely crafted and are suitable for engraving of names, dates or even company logos. These are can also be great giveaways for weddings and other special occasions and even as a gift to newlyweds. Newlywed couples will definitely appreciate and remember you for these unique and beautiful bowls.

Truly, these exquisite bowls are timeless pieces of history that would be fantastic for your workplace, your home or as a gft for a loved one.

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