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Let the truth be set on the table. You don’t need to be a King or Queen to dine like royalty. All you need is the right silverware. Among the many choices available on the market today is that of Gorham Silver fine silverware.

Gorham was founded by Jabez Gorham, a master craftsman. Though he had retired and left his son John Gorham to continue the business in the 1840s, Gorham Silver products are still in demand in the market today.

One of the most popular Gorham Silver patterns that is available in the online market is the Chantilly. This set is without a doubt the most popular sterling silver flatware patterns of all times, and one of the patterns that make the Gorham Silver exceptional.

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Fine Gorham Sterling Chantilly Pattern 9 7 8 Carving Knife No Monograms
pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $15.50

Another classic from the Gorham Silver Patterns is the Buttercup. Engraved simple flowers make the silverware more fitted for women and tea parties. Any lady would feel aristocratic using this Gorham Silver patterns.

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pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $59.00

The Camellia is next on the list. The timid flower patterns at the edge of the silverware gives off an image of elegant independence. This silver flatware pattern would simply be great for all occasions.

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Sterling silver GORHAM Camellia Full Service For 12 67 Pieces
pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $2,499.99

Who wouldn’t feel kingly with the King Edward silver flatware pattern resting on the table? The graceful curves that show off beauty and lavishness would indeed be a proud addition to any fine dinning.

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Vintage Gorham Sterling Silver King Edward Floral 925 Silverware Flateware 60pc
pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $3,650.00

Things couldn’t feel grander with the pattern from Gorham Silver Patterns entitled Medici. Though this design is closely similar to the Grand Baroque by Wallace, it still does not fail to show off its luscious waves and folds. A truly amazing sight to behold!

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Gorham Sterling Silver Medici 6 PC Place Setting Gorham Sterling Silver Medici
pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $159.00

A timeless classic still from the Gorham Silver patterns is the Old English Tipt. A sterling silver flatware that expresses pure simplicity is still beauty. It is more suitable to be used for Breakfast.

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pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $104.99

Introduced in 1897, the Strasbourg is one of Gorham’s many best-sellers. This design is an image of class and enduring quality that shows the best foot of sterling silver. Whether hosting a tea party or a big event, Gorham Silver definitely makes it grand and gives you something to celebrate about.

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pp Gorham Silver Patterns   US $45.00

No matter what the occassion or what type of chinaware you have, there is sure to be several Gorham Silver patterns that complement your home and your dinner table.

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